Friday, May 06, 2005

the importance of courtesy

how many times have you come across books that talk about Customer Service or books that offer advice on how to be courteous to a customer or client? the answer would be atleast MANY if not ALWAYS... how often have you ever wondered and thought about it from the other side? how many times are customers actually courteous to the people who offer them service? personal experience coupled with feedback from a lot of my friends, point me to the fact that not often would a customer actually take the time to really appreciate the service being offered to them, although there is a price for everything. when I say there is a price for everything, I mean that this is a material world that we are living in, and everything revolves on how much money one has and how much one does not. is this problem with the customers inherent OR is it just that they do not even think for a moment about this?

if one introspects the REALLY happy people in this world, it would be more often than not the case that they are all simple minded people who work from their hearts. Sure, money to life is like a healthy body to a healthy mind. but people and basic courtesy come first, ahead of everything else. the value of education is not in all those textbooks that one may read to get through all those tests and grades, but is infact in things like these, where an educated person must be able to distinguish clearly between cultured and uncultured behaviour at a social as well as an inter-personal level.

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