Monday, December 10, 2007

The truth about Cats and Dogs!!!

Has anyone wondered what kind of a hypcrotic society that we all live in? For starters, any rule that we want 'others' to follow, have merely been created for our own convenience! Something that really comes to our attention today, is the differences between what is perceived to be humane and what is perceived to be inhumane! While you may be wondering why the title of this post has been named 'The truth about Cats and Dogs', I wanted to use an analogy to elaborate on a topic long seen in this age as Business As Usual!

Its a known fact that Cats and Dogs are some of the most popular animals that become personal pets to millions of people around the world. There are even laws across several countries protecting these Cats and Dogs against human violence and ill-treatment, and rightly so! Does this mean that all animals which are termed 'not pets' though still being 'Herbivorous' really cause a serious threat to Humans in the food chain so as to justify merciless killings or even articulated slaughters? I would only like to think not!

By this I mean, before anyone with a clear conscience can state that he/she feels sorry for an injured cat or dog, maybe they should ask themselves how many animals' deaths they were responsible for in the past week/month! And all that for what? A tasty meal? ABOMINABLE!!!

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