Saturday, February 12, 2005

what does one have and what does one not have?

The answers 'It depends...' or 'Maybe...' or 'Not sure...' are all excuses we use to shy away from facing the truths OR when we do not possess enough knowledge on the subject to comment on it... Sometimes, it becomes a habit of saying 'not sure...' so much that we tend to over use it... What knowledge does one have, and what does one not have? If one possesses the knowledge of the fact that 'anything is possible if a sincere effort is put into it', then, not possessing knowledge on any subject matter is not actually not knowing it... Unfortunately, it usually takes a personal discovery or overcoming a bad experience, to realize this fact... and anything that is TOLD, will seem pointless...

One of my most favourite quotes - 'Attitude is Everything', sums it all up... Whenever you say 'I didnt have time' OR 'I hate it' OR 'Whatever!'... just look at youorself, and look at your attitude... Maybe the problem is not with the world after all.... Its ALL about you !!!


Vids said...


This is a good one..

I like those lines abt
'anything is possible if..' and attitude is everythin..

its true abt everyone and everything in life hai na? if only its as easy to follow it as it is to realise it..

ronan-sensei said...

'Attitude is everything', true, but just because it may be you and not the world, you don't want to form the burdensome attitude that you're responsible for all your failures. Sometimes I think phrases like 'whatever' or 'I didn't have enough time' prevent us dwelling on the past unnecessarily.

This blog is a great read. Keep it up, please.